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the reluctant drafter

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not writing? not alone. reach out and see.

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Two editors sit downto work over Zoom. Frequently.

Could be the start to a nerdy joke, but it'snot always funny ha-ha. The daily battle with resistance (when you aren't writing "enough" but can't walk away) is real. And that's what we're exploring here.

Reframing Reluctance

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The best way to find out how much (or little) you know about a thing? Write a book, of course.

We're calling it #notwriting. A Memoir. Kind Of. And we're almost halfway through the outline after weeks on the heart & spine.

Join us on Wednesdays as we "write" more, live.


Why all the "quotes"? Cuz we're sarcastic bitches. But also, because "writing" "enough" is a game we're done playing. We're tired of trying to beat resistance or battle our tendencies. Instead, we're reframing our story about writing and deciding to play our way. Stick around to see if it "works."

Our editing practices are centered on getting to the truth that drives a story in fiction (Kim) and non (Brannan).

And we're calling BS on the BS we've been fed about what writing even is. It's weird and hard and fun and yours.

We aim to prove it.


Live. On Zoom.

There will be swearing. There may be writing. Bring snacks. Tell your friends.

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rewriting our story about story

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share your drama

Do you call yourself a writer?

Outloud? Or is it more of a closeted thing? (been there) Do you cringe when you hear pseudo motivation like "writers write" and "ass in chair" cuz you're like, "but how though?"

We get it, and we want to hear more.

Help us with some informal R&D via our How-Real-People-Write survey, where you can tell us the truth about your writing


Working on

the book has

helped us name so much truth about the writing process and the stories we tell ourselves that make it so damn hard. These insights are too valuable to hold onto until the book is done, so we're not gonna. Check out what the last one covered, and join the list to catch our online retreats and mini-courses as content emerges.

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revising Resistance

The Reluctant Drafter project was born of our love for our clients and their stories, especially the stories that haven't seen the light of day. And yes, a side benefit of getting more folks to write means they need editors. And we live in a post-capitalist hellscape that says having work is important. And also...  

Our first priority is seeing more folks get a better relationship to their writing process and outcomes, period. Because without people making meaning andbringing beauty and surfacing truth in the world, well, see above re: hellscape.

So please start by consuming any ounce of information that's helpful here. Use it. Change it. Run with it. And if at any point you're still feeling stuck and think we may be able to help, grab a consult call. We'll probably unlock a door right then, and then point you in the right direction for more support.

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Recap: We know writing can suck. If you can't walk away in spite of the pain, welcome to the Reluctant side. We probably aren't masochists, and we definitely have cookies.

If you want answers with those cookies, you've come to the right place. Not because we had the answers already, but because now we have you. And we think you've got your own answers—your own process, your own story, your own magic—just waiting to be uncovered.

Take the survey to help us name our shared problems and answers better. Grab some sloppy recordings or join us in our messy writing process. Pick up a consult and chat with us.

Whatever you do, don't go back to your same writing cave with your same writing pain without taking something back with you. Clearly, you have to do this thing or you would've walked away already. But you don't have to do it alone.

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Want our sporadic but hopefully helpful and at least entertaining emails? Newsletter is a strong word.

We're recapping our Wednesday calls, announcing retreats and events, putting calls out for surveys and other opportunities to help with the book, andare generally being our weird, messy selves.

You've been warned

(and totally welcomed).